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Population problems arise
The population on the planet is over 7 billion yet the food supply is not really increasing to account for the additional mouths. I think in the January 2011 edition of National Geographic there was a graph of the population increases over the past 30 years or so. And it seems these countries with high populations are the countries where the riots have taken place. Even the London riots could be have been caused by population pressure. Egypt has had over 100% population growth since they built the Aswan Dam. And in a documentary about the Nile they were talking about using water from the Nile to farm the desert. The word 'population' was never mentioned. Egypt is a social disaster waiting to happen and it doesn't matter how many elections they have. It is written on the tombs of the leaders when the Nile doesn't flood there is famine and they say 'history repeats itself'. I would say any country with unrelenting population growth is in for a bit of a shock and a lot of riots. The last 30 odd years of economic growth has resulted in a leap in the population in many countries. China on the other side hand with its demonic 'One Child policy' is way ahead of the curve. Now China is heading for superpower status and they are feeding themselves. Most of the vegetables and pork come into the city daily form the outlying farms. Non of this half way round the world sort of stuff. But the price of rice and wheat is controlled by the world price except China doesn't always worry about that. Also China doesn't have the mass of under 30-year-olds and that is where the problems start. Japan is similar except their population is controlled by economics. They have been an economic basket case for the past 20 years, and that is not going to change any time soon. So when you can't afford to have kids you stop having them. I think the greatest failure is nobody knows. The governments of some of the overcrowded countries should actually say, "Every child born this millennium is going to have a terrible life. They will see the end of cheap oil, the end of readily available safe drinking, and the end of plentiful food along with the end of lots of other things. So stop having kids." But who is going to say that.
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