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I Was Looking For Electric Cars At The China Fair
This time last year I started looking for electric cars and I only found 2 and they both belonged to the one company. This year there were 3 companies selling on the road cars and 1 selling golf cars. Technology hasn't quite caught up with the car industry they are still trying to pump out everything as cheap as possible so all cars had lead acid batteries with a range of about 130kms per charge. Some were very impressive looking, top speed of about 60kms.

Here because of the traffic jams 60kms/hour is fast. The cheapest factory price was $3500 and the top was around $8500 for a 4 seater. But I didn't see any on the road. I saw 1 Smart car in Hong Kong and 1 hybrid here and that was it.

Here they have a thing about cars, they are a status symbol so everybody wants a good one. They have a small car called a QQ at 1100cc and no one seemed to want one. I did see a few on the road and they looked okay.

They do not seem to have a sustainable future. On the city freeway cars under 1000cc are not allowed so most people don't like to buy a small car.

It is utterly amazing here the shopping is an experience and the shopping streets are just a sea of people. I have never seen so many people in one shop. Even in the supermarkets you have to wait for about 6 people in front of you, but they don't buy shopping carts full of goodies just enough to carry home on the bus. Even though the city is one big traffic jam not many own cars.
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