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If you have young children you could quite possible be worried about global warming and what type of future there will be for your children. This global warming thing is very serious. It is one of the most serious things that is affecting the planet but not in ways you would imagine.
It doesn't really matter if global warming is caused by mankind burning fossil fuels or the sun or whatever, depending on whatever camp you belong to. At present it is the dominant concern about the future of humanity. But there are a number of more serious concerns that will affect your children and you in the not too distant future and global warming is not one of them. Yet it gets the lion's share of all the scientific funding, most of the media attention, nearly all politicians agree with it and most activists are marching against it.
I've seen documentaries that basically state the world's average mean temperature will be 5 degrees Celsius hotter in the year 2030. And I'm left wondering if some semblance of civilization will still exist in the year 2030. I think a large number of multinational companies are behind global warming as it gives the media and the activists something else to pursue.
Global Warming is a smokescreen and most things we should be concerned about are hidden behind it. And we are going to get a big shock in the not to distant future, like 2012, when we realize we have been chasing the wrong concern and Peak Oil raises its ugly head again.

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This time last year I started looking for electric cars and I only found 2 and they both belonged to the one company. This year there were 3 companies selling on the road cars and 1 selling golf cars. Technology hasn't quite caught up with the car industry they are still trying to pump out everything as cheap as possible so all cars had lead acid batteries with a range of about 130kms per charge. Some were very impressive looking, top speed of about 60kms.

Here because of the traffic jams 60kms/hour is fast. The cheapest factory price was $3500 and the top was around $8500 for a 4 seater. But I didn't see any on the road. I saw 1 Smart car in Hong Kong and 1 hybrid here and that was it.

Here they have a thing about cars, they are a status symbol so everybody wants a good one. They have a small car called a QQ at 1100cc and no one seemed to want one. I did see a few on the road and they looked okay.

They do not seem to have a sustainable future. On the city freeway cars under 1000cc are not allowed so most people don't like to buy a small car.

It is utterly amazing here the shopping is an experience and the shopping streets are just a sea of people. I have never seen so many people in one shop. Even in the supermarkets you have to wait for about 6 people in front of you, but they don't buy shopping carts full of goodies just enough to carry home on the bus. Even though the city is one big traffic jam not many own cars.
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It is hard to say. If we follow the Cuba model there will be a good life similar to what we have now but we will be using a lot less energy. That would be the ideal model to follow. But looking at history when societies have run out of their energy source they have degraded into war and nearly totally destroyed themselves. Easter island, Anastazi and the Maya all collapsed. What will the archeologists of tomorrow say about our society.

I would like to think that our society would contract back to something like the 1950's in my lifetime. Before the car culture where we road bicycles to school and walked a lot more. Factory farming and globalization will be dead and like Cuba, farming and growing food will be very important. We will have a return to family farming and commune living in small eco-villages.

I hope the internet will survive but I don't think so. It came into existence as part of the oil economy and when oil goes so will the internet. If we follow the Cuba model there will be more emphasis on schooling and health, with everything decentralized to the local level. Everything will be closer either within walking distance or biking distance. And hopefully our society will survive.

Cities will slowly contract with people moving into the countryside. Large cities are not sustainable without oil so they will contract. I hope our society will survive but it is debatable. Mankind loves war and if the oil wars take over the future we could be doomed with the leftovers of western society living in caves

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I still think every child born this millennium is in for a rough ride. They will see the end of oil, the end of plentiful food and safe water to drink, plus the end of the modern medical system and possible the end of electricity. But we can look on the bright side, they will also see the end of obesity. What I don't understand is why very few people have made the connection between population and food supply. It is quite obvious really if we stopped having kids there would be a lot less mouths to feed. The riots in Egypt started over food and they could start here in the near future.
God said on the first page of the Bible "Be fruitful and multiply" but if you read on further there are other references to not overdoing the multiplying.
In the Genesis 3 verse 16 (King James Version) it is written "unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children" God is not really making out that getting pregnant and having babies is a happy thing to do.
Also further on in the Gospels of the New Testament in Matthew 24 verse 19 and others Jesus says "And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days." Admittedly here the Lord Jesus is talking about the end of times. And now I think we are nearing the end of times, so it might be time to lay off having too many kids.
For more gloomy stories about what we could expect very soon check out.
Thank you for your time
Peter Legrove
The suburban survivalist
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Hi I'm not into saving the planet I'm just into saving your little corner of it.
Life on the OverPopulated Planet looks at global warming and peak oil and how they will impact our lives in the very near future. This blog is for the people who care and realize our lives are going to change very rapidly very soon and it doesn't matter what the politicians say.



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