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The Peak Oil Scams are Running Thick and Fast
For every argument the pendulum swings from one extreme to the other so for peak oil we have a peak oil scam

I believe Peak Oil is coming so I tend away from the peak oil scams but I used to look at them to try and find some truth in there. I couldn't. The peak oil scams are built up around people not wanting to change. They look for reasons so they can carry on with the business as usual model. And some of their arguments are quite convincing but they don't take into account the big picture.

If you look at the big picture you can see the whole world is scrambling for the last remaining drop of oil. BP has changed its name from British Petroleum to Beyond Petroleum. For a major player to do that they must know something we don't. And that something is the world's most not talked about secret, Peak Oil. The impact of peak oil on the world and the following collapse of society is something nobody wants to happen. So they create peak oil scams to cover up the future therefore everything remains the same.

But the future is not going to be the same. We are poised on the edge of the cliff and we are doing nothing about it. Nobody wants to change. What we should be doing and what we are doing are totally different. We should be using the last of the oil to build a livable society without oil but all we are doing is coming up with peak oil scams to ridicule the future thinkers into conformity. We are not exactly building a sustainable future for our children. Your sons and daughters could be killed in oil wars because peak oil scams covered up the truth.
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