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Actually at the Beginning of 2011 There is Nothing in the Main Media About the Latest Peak Oil News.
Peak oil seems to be the best kept secret on the planet and yet the consequences will affect us all. Even when oil went over $80 a barrel there was nothing about peak oil in the news. It did keep the peak oil debunkers quiet and lately the peak oil myth hasn't raised its head. But then again neither has the peak oil camp made the headlines. There is nothing, zippo about the latest news about peak oil.

But in the background there is a bit of activity going on to try and slow down the peak oil peak. I'm following keenly any news about the progress of the plug in hybrid conversion kit. If they can put a reasonable priced plug in hybrid conversion kit that can be adapted to any car, we might have some oil left to transform our society to a oil-less one.

The way we are going, we are going to run out of oil before we can transform civilization from oil to something else. But what the something else will be I have no idea. Peak oil latest news seems to come and go in waves and lately like all of this year we have been stuck in a trough with very little news in the media.

There could be a trend starting amongst popular peak oil people to not use the words "peak oil" in their articles. In the latest article by James Howard Kunstler America's New Religion James never wrote the words "peak oil" in the article. I have found a lot of people just switch off when they hear the words "peak oil" anyway my family does. There is the latest peak oil news on the peak oil sites but there is nothing new in the mainstream media.

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