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If you have young children you could quite possible be worried about global warming and what type of future there will be for your children. This global warming thing is very serious. It is one of the most serious things that is affecting the planet but not in ways you would imagine. It doesn't really matter if global warming is caused by mankind burning fossil fuels or the sun or whatever, depending on whatever camp you belong to. At present it is the dominant concern about the future of humanity.

But there are a number of more serious concerns that will affect your children and you in the not too distant future and global warming is not one of them. Yet it gets the lion's share of all the scientific funding, most of the media attention, nearly all politicians agree with it and most activists are marching against it. I've seen documentaries that basically state the world's average mean temperature will be 5 degrees Celsius hotter in the year 2030. And I'm left wondering if some semblance of civilization will still exist in the year 2030.

I think a large number of multinational companies are behind global warming as it gives the media and the activists something else to pursue. Global Warming is a smokescreen and most things we should be concerned about are hidden behind it. And we are going to get a big shock in the not to distant future, like 2010, when we realize we have been chasing the wrong concern and Peak Oil raises its ugly head and the world has overpopulated itself out of the food supply.
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I'm sorry parents I just found out the peak oil myth is not a myth
Since the beginning of the 21st century, the words Peak Oil have waxed and waned with the media. And now into 2007 they have nearly been forgotten as the threat of global warming has taken hold in the imaginations of the everyday citizens of the world. But the peak oil myth is a very real threat that will affect us all in the not too distant future. There is going to be an accumulation of threats affecting us and they are not myths. Peak oil is when the world starts to run out of oil and that is happening now. Most respected independent oil geologists all seem to say "The cheap easy oil is gone" and we are left with dwindling supplies of expensive oil. But how does the peak oil myth affect us? Well, in every way as nearly everything in our lives comes from oil. But the big worry is food as all our food comes from oil. Modern agriculture just turns oil into food and when the oil goes, the food goes with it. And that will cause lots of problems. I think the Chinese Olympics will go down in history as the turning point in western civilization. And the future does not look good at all. Sons and daughters being drafted into oil wars, massive earth wide famines coupled with the collapse of civilization as we know it. So what do you do? Well right now live life to the max, because the good times are going to end so make the most of them while they last. And start to formulate your Plan B in your mind because Plan A, business as usual, is going to collapse sooner than you think
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Hi I'm not into saving the planet I'm just into saving your little corner of it.
Life on the OverPopulated Planet looks at global warming and peak oil and how they will impact our lives in the very near future. This blog is for the people who care and realize our lives are going to change very rapidly very soon and it doesn't matter what the politicians say.



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